Franchise Max is more about your company than it is about us.

A successful franchise starts with the right business model. Followed by the ability to scale in the right markets with the right products and services. Franchise Max is the right tool to make that happen.

The whole idea of a franchise is to share a winning business model. Franchisees use that model to help scale the business and penetrate a wider market.

But how can you make sure you convey the process to the franchisee? Or know which franchises are flourishing and which ones need more coaching?

A franchise deal is a win-win for everyone. But only if you can convey and tweak your proven business model so it works for every franchise. That’s where Franchise Max can help.

Franchise Max helped launch one of the fastest-growing new franchises in the world. Now we’re ready to help other franchises expand and succeed.

The goal of our software is to give you all the core functionality you need to grow your franchise. 

Franchise Max is powerful and flexible, but also intuitive. You can create workflows to streamline and standardize your processes. Franchisees never have to reinvent the wheel.

Project management boards and reports provide real-time insight. You can see how your franchise is performing, across the board.

We help you set up Franchise Max to meet the unique needs of your franchise. The next step is a rollout to your franchises, and then you watch your business grow.